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Steve Rogers
"You get hurt, hurt ‘em back. You get killed… walk it off."
Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Steve Rogers knows what it's like to be the little guy. For most of his life, he was the little guy, at least physically. But he never backed down and he never gave up - even when some might say that he should've. His "I could do this all day attitude" makes him determined to the point of being stubborn, especially when it comes to doing the right thing. But that doesn't mean that he always follows the rules or orders blindly. Despite his small stature and numerous health problems, he lied five times trying to enlist in the Army. Steve strongly believed that he had a responsibility to do as much as any man who was serving and dying. The fact that both of his parents died as a direct result of serving others probably formed the foundation of this belief. Steve also took it upon himself to save the 107th and his best friend Bucky from the clutches of HYDRA. He knows that the right thing and the easy thing are rarely the same thing. And while he might've felt he had something to prove (and sometimes still does, like when he takes the bait after Batroc taunts him about being "more than just a shield") a big part of Steve's personality can also be seen in what he told Dr. Erskine: "I don't wanna kill anyone. I don't like bullies. I don't care where they're from."
And that's exactly why he was chosen for the Super Soldier Serum, because Steve is a good man first and foremost. The procedure itself wasn't easy, but it was Steve who wouldn't allow it to be stopped. Despite the obvious physical changes that resulted, there is no "before" and "after" Steve Rogers in terms of the kind of man that he is. When asked how he felt immediately after the procedure, Steve's response was simply "taller". The hero who flies a plane into the water to keep a lot of people from dying is the same skinny guy who threw himself on a grenade to protect his fellow soldiers. It's the rest of the world that sometimes has trouble seeing him without the star on his chest. Steve knows that strength is a gift, but courage and compassion are every bit as important.
Steve is also a loyal friend and teammate who won't leave someone behind or let them run off without him. Once you've earned his loyalty, he'll be beside you until the end. Even at the end of Civil War and their brutal fight against each other, Steve made sure that Tony knew that he'd be there for him if he needed him. But he doesn't have to know a person in order to risk his life to protect them. Hostages, innocents, civilians, they'll find themselves under Captain America's protection when Steve's around. He embodies all the courage that one would expect from the "world's first superhero", even if Steve isn't the type to think of himself that way.
In fact, he appreciates the importance of teamwork, and knows when to put aside personal grudges to focus on the bigger picture. His pissing contest with Tony Stark in the first Avengers came to a swift end when they were under attack. He was also the first one willing to give the Maximoff twins a second chance, in part because he probably understood their reasons better than most. ("Right. What kind of monster would let a German scientist experiment on 'em to protect their country." #sarcasm) Steve doesn't consider himself any more important than any other member of his team, but he still has some solid leadership qualities, be it the Howling Commandos or the Avengers that have his his back and defer to his orders. He also possesses the ability to think outside of the box. When he couldn't reach the flag at the top of the pole, Steve brought the pole down to him. Sometimes you have to get creative to get the job done. But he's also willing to sacrifice himself if that's what it takes. If it's a question of Steve dying or innocent people dying, then there's really no question. Steve puts other people first.
After seventy years on ice, Steve is a bit on the old-fashioned side of a lot of things. Girls didn't give him the time of day before the serum, and his lack of experience has made for some poor social skills with the fairer sex. Sometimes he says the wrong things, sometimes he's oblivious or just too honest for his own good. He's still learning modern references and pop culture, and keeps a running list of things that he needs to look into. Just don't think that you'll ever convince him that today's music is better. Overall, it's just hard for him to find anyone who has "shared life experience". If he does, they've probably got grandchildren. He refers to himself as "the world's leading authority on waiting too long." There is one thing that time hasn't changed - his dry sense of humor never goes out of style.
Steve's "dream" in Age of Ultron gives us a little added insight into him. Steve dreams of the past, not the future. For him, the war is still going on despite the lively ballroom and Peggy promising that they can go home. But the horrors of war keep leaking in; he hears gunfire and sees blood, and at the end of it he's left all alone. Steve never got to see the war end, he never got to come home. When Tony mentions the very word, he snaps. The suggestion that Steve was left unaffected by what he was shown isn't true. It's just a reality that he lives with every day.
Truth, justice, and the American way is what Steve fought for and what Captain America was supposed to stand for. He's figuring out that the "American way" has changed a little, and he's not as willing to change with it. When it comes to justice, he believes very much in punishments fitting the crime, but not coming before the crime. Preemptive strikes are not his style, especially when innocent people are involved. He also doesn't believe in fear being used as a weapon or giving a false sense of security. He is an American icon, but that doesn't mean he just goes along with any decision that the powers that be make. He's respectful, but in the end he'll do what he thinks is right without compromise. When the seed of doubt about S.H.I.E.L.D. was planted in him, he went to investigate on his own. And he didn't like what he found - namely weapons of mass destruction in the making.
Most of the time, Steve is unfailingly honest. Most of the time because that was some pretty bad lying when he was trying to enlist, but these days you'll find him on the side of truth. According to him, he doesn't steal cars, he borrows them, and you'd better not put your feet on the dash. He hates secrets and lies, especially when they're a part of his mission. He believes that trust is the most important thing between soldiers, and it makes all the difference.
Steve can always be counted on to do the right thing, even if he has to pay for it in the long run. For better or worse, this can also lead to him being unyielding and unwilling to compromise when it comes to things he doesn't agree with, the way he was with the Sokovia Accords. He can be inspiring and a leader, but he's also humble and willing to take responsibility for his actions. When the world is led to believe that Bucky is the one who set off the bomb in Vienna, Steve insists on going after him himself because he's "the one least likely to die trying." He also keeps his promises, paying Nick Fury his ten bucks when he does, in fact, show Steve something that surprises him. If he makes a mistake, he owns up to it. He might be "Captain America", but he doesn't cut himself any slack for it. When his best friend was seemingly killed while on a mission with him, Steve blamed himself. And it's a guilt that he's carried with him. When he got a second chance, Steve refused to give up on him. He kept trying to get through to him, and finally refused to fight the Winter Soldier anymore because he still thought of him as Bucky, his friend. Part of his refusal to even defend himself was likely viewed as penance. He might steadfast in all kinds of ways, but Steve is still very much human with his share of aches and mistakes, he just keeps his bleeding on the inside.
Steve always had a good heart and a sharp mind. The serum just gave him the strength. He loves his country, but he loves people more. He stands for what America stands for, or more aptly, what it should stand for, and all the rights promised. He knows what it's like to be pushed around and wouldn't wish it on anyone. Even when he's trapped in an elevator with would-be attackers, he offers them a chance to get out first. To the rest of the world, he might look like a superhero, but if you asked Steve, he'd probably say that he's still just that kid from Brooklyn. But there's a little too much soldier in Steve Rogers these days. He relates to them more than anyone, how they view something as mundane as a soft bed differently. We see this reflected best in his friendship with Sam Wilson, who is ex-military himself. Steve expresses to Sam that he doesn't even know what he'd do if he got out of service, nor what even makes him happy anymore. Steve still struggles a little with being a "man out of time", someone who's trying to navigate a changed world and his place in it, but checking one thing off his list at a time.

The Super Soldier Serum enhanced Steve well beyond average human limits. His strength, speed, stamina, and endurance all surpass the greatest of athletes. He is also incredibly durable. His bones and muscles are thicker than ordinary person's, and falls or hits that would kill anyone else just knock the wind out of Steve. His reflexes and senses are as sharp as they get, which helps him notice things that others might overlook. He also possesses a heightened healing factor that makes him immune to just about any illness and disease. It also prevents him from getting drunk, so happy hour is out.
The serum did more than just change Steve's body. It also made his brain process and remember information better. His thought processes are a little faster, which enables him to react to things faster as well. All of this leads to Steve having excellent tactical abilities.
He is highly skilled in melee combat, especially with his vibranium shield which can be used for offense as well as defense. His trademark shield is made of a rare metal that's stronger and lighter than steel plus absorbs all vibration. (Surrendered at end of CW.)
CANONPOINT: Post Civil War
AGE: 98 (biologically)/early 30's (appearance)
HEIGHT: 6'2"
BUILD: Like a barn
HAIR: Sandy blond
EYES: Blue
STATUS: Single
OCCUPATION: Assistant First Responder with Riverview Emergency Services
RESIDENCE: Communal Housing; Floor 2, Bed 1

4TH-WALLING: Y (he knows about his comics. just don't tell him that he's fictional or about Nick Spencer)
THREADJACKING: Y (unless it's a private/locked thread)
KILLING: M (not off the table, let's talk about it)


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